Way 2 Umrah

Discover the Ideas, Historical places of Mecca and Medina of Islam During 1400 hijri

Historical places of Mecca and Medina

Historical places of Mecca and Medina….

Inside of Kaaba..

Markets and stalls near the Masjid AL Haram

The Kaaba and the Mataf Area. There were no other floors back then.

Houses in the time of Prophet Ibrahim (A. S) looked this

A close up of Maqam of Prophet Musa (A. S)

This was the bowl used to collect money in the masjid of the massenger of Allah…

When the Prophet (PBUH) was injured in Uhud, he rested in this cave

Area where buraq was

Hazrat Mariam AS room of worship

The grave of the Prophet (PBUH)’s grandfather

This is where Prophet Isa AS was believed to have been standing when he was raised to the heaven..

Pilgrims were able to choose the animals they wanted for Udhiyyah / Qurbani

The maqam of Prophet Ayub AS

The Jamarat used to be small pillars which would be stoned..

Tents would be pitched next to mount Arafah

Worshipers were able to enter the Kaaba..

Pilgrims would travel to mecca via a ferry or a ship..

In Mina, food would be cooked using fire and stove..

How it was like to perform Hajj and Umrah

Cave where Hazrat Ibrahim AS and Hazrat Ismail AS stayed before going to Mecca


The maqam of Sayyiduna Hussain…


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